Meet Preslaysa

Preslaysa Williams
Hola. Ciao. Hello. Kumusta. Willkommen. Dia duit. And all that good stuff!

I’m Preslaysa, and I am a novelist. I write love stories for women and fun stories for teens that make you smile.

I am also a self-proclaimed romantic. Chivalry, flowers, long walks in the park, and all things that make a girl misty eyed and sappy intrigue me.

But love can be hard, raw, gritty and just plain tough. Living out Jesus-love in a broken world is a huge undertaking. In this space, I explore creative, fun ways to love ourselves, our spouses and our children despite all the brokenness.

My novels and this blog are my little attempt to make sense of the Greatest Commandment, Love, amidst the messiness of life. Life rushes at us, swift and quick. And sometimes harsh and raw. During those gritty times, it can be hard to process love, hard to see hope.

So this space is The Official Love Processing Center…not only for me, but for you too.

Your soul can breathe here…and smile. It’s okay, I promise.

Fun Facts About Me

Grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey back when Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam were all the rage.

Education: Columbia University in Manhattan for my Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language & Literature; University of South Carolina for my Master’s degree in Public Administration

First job: Age three. Selling costume jewelry in my parent’s business at an indoor Flea Market. (I learned to quickly calculate 6% sales tax in my head and jealously guard the inventory against shrinkage.)

Claim to fame: In high school, I co-starred on the Nickleodeon television series “The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo.” (Yes, I still ponder my ‘glory days,’ especially when I’m changing a poopy diaper.)

As a child, I {happily} pounded the pavement of Manhattan auditioning for cereal commercials, cheesing for catalog ads and memorizing lines to radio jingles.

Current (and mostest favoritest) incarnation: Wife to one, Mom to two and Writer of inspirational romance and young adult fiction.

Hobbies: Reading, knitting, walking, and obsessive list making.