Setting Goals for Your Relationships

Love Resolutions

Happy 2015! This is the time of year when many set career goals, health goals, or financial goals. These are good to have, but we often neglect to set goals for our close relationships, our spouse, our children, our friends. Solid relationships are the foundation to a happy life I once listened to a sermon where […]

Outsourcing Thanksgiving Dinner

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

This year I am outsourcing Thanksgiving dinner to Cracker Barrel. They will be taking care of all the heavy duty work. I am not ashamed to admit it either. I’ll be adding in some extra side dishes, but you will not see me slaving in the kitchen with a twenty pound turkey. I’ve made a lot of […]

Simple Ways Parents Can Nurture Their Creativity

Creative Life

Nurturing your creativity takes time and attention, but as I’ve found out, it doesn’t take as much time as I had originally figured. Thirty minutes a day can do wonders for a creative person. It can create a proverbial garden of inspiration. In thirty minutes, you can: Write a full page of your book (that’s about […]

Easy Ways for Children to Unplug From Technology

unplug from technology

My family needs to unplug from technology, but I have to confess, I am the main culprit behind our media saturated lifestyle. I often plop my children in front of the television in order to get things done. Have you done that too? (Crickets…) It’s a quick fix but often comes with disastrous results. After […]

New Mother: A Letter for You


Hello new mother. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Just a few years ago you were…well, we won’t go there. But we want to welcome you to this new place, this cadre of moms. We are everywhere. Driving down the street. Walking to a bus stop. Hanging out at the checkout line at Target. Stopping at Starbucks […]