3 Elements of A Good Kiss

Elements of a Good Kiss

A kiss (or lack thereof) communicates volumes in a marriage. Whether it’s that kiss goodbye as you head out the door in the morning or a kiss given during your regular date night (You are going on regular dates, right? If not, read this post for ideas.), kissing is like the temperature gauge in a relationship. It’s […]

5 Small Habits For Big Strides In Your Marriage

5 small habits for making big strides in your marriage

Let’s get one thing straight before I dive into this post: I am not a Stepford wife. I am more like a “catch me when you can, honey because I have a long to-do list, two small children, and 10 hours of daylight” kind of wife. There, I said it. And that’s why I need […]

Ten Date Night Ideas

date night ideas

Date nights have been few and far between at my house. My goal for 2015 is to go on a date night once a month. I even scheduled our first date night for this week. There are so many competing priorities in my busy life that I have to schedule them in. So I thought […]

3 Chaos-Free Ways to Greet Your Man at Day’s End

3 chaos free ways to greet your man

  I don’t want to give my man scraps, but after a long day of caring for the kiddos, my brain is fuzzed out. It can be tough to give it that ol’ Susie Homemaker try. At six o’clock in the evening, the kids have caught a second wind of energy, and I’m simply trying […]