A New Project and De-tyrannizing the Tyranny of the Urgent

This has been a pretty busy first two months for me. I finally finished the taxes, lol. And I got past the first chapter on my next novel. Writing the first draft of this new story feels tougher to me, but then I’m pretty sure writing the first chapter of my last story felt just […]

Lilla Rose Giveaway


When I tried on my first Lilla Rose clip, I was hooked. They stay in place, they are comfortable and they look pretty. The best thing about Lilla Rose clips are that they have different sizes for different hair types, and so I found my perfect fit. Most days, I wear my hair up and away from my face. I’m pretty […]

Sale Ends August 8th: Five Ebooks for $10


Click here to purchase the Ebook Bundle. Hey Moms, are you ready for the new school year? A group of five mom bloggers are offering you a great ebook bundle. Five books which will help you get ready for the fall. The sale ends on August 8th. Here are the books you’ll get: Create Your Perfect Cleaning […]

Post Conference Buzz

Hey all, I’m recuperating from post ACFW conference buzz. (So I won’t be writing a Word Wedesday post this week!) This was the first time I attended the ACFW conference and it was awesome! The fellowship, the worship, the prayer room (that place is awesome!), my great roommates Taris Faris and Dawn Crandall, the great classes and the opportunity […]