A New Project and De-tyrannizing the Tyranny of the Urgent

This has been a pretty busy first two months for me. I finally finished the taxes, lol. And I got past the first chapter on my next novel. Writing the first draft of this new story feels tougher to me, but then I’m pretty sure writing the first chapter of my last story felt just as tough. {I went through over thirty drafts of the first chapter of the last story :-) }

But I’m here again. And I’m happy to be here again. I’m learning to whittle down on my responsibilities so that I can fully focus on what really matters: faith, family, home and writing. Things have been moving at lightning speed for my family, and I’ve been guilty of getting swept up in the tyranny of the urgent. So now, I am really getting dogged about focusing on the important and learning that it’s not ALL important. Some things can be let go. I can’t get it all done today.

How about you?

Minds Scrubs For Moms Arrives on Friday, 9/21

I’m excited to announce that Mind Scrubs for Moms will debut on Friday, 9/21! I’ll be running a 24 hour special on Friday so be sure to come back and read about it!


Lilla Rose Giveaway

When I tried on my first Lilla Rose clip, I was hooked. They stay in place, they are comfortable and they look pretty. The best thing about Lilla Rose clips are that they have different sizes for different hair types, and so I found my perfect fit.

Most days, I wear my hair up and away from my face. I’m pretty busy all day, and so I don’t have time to mess with froo froo stuff like styling my hair. Lilla Rose clips are great because it looks as if I spent time putting my hair into an updo even though I didn’t!

A Giveaway

Wanna try a clip? Independent Consultant Anjanette Barr is offering one lucky gal the opportunity to win a Lilla Rose clip of their choice. To enter, leave a comment in this blog for one entry. For more chances to enter, you can also subscribe to my blog via email (see sign up box on the right.), ‘like’ my Facebook page, follow me on Pinterest and/or on Google Plus. You have a chance to submit up to five entries! Entries entered only between August 6th -August 14th will be counted towards this giveaway.

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 15th.



Sale Ends August 8th: Five Ebooks for $10

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Hey Moms, are you ready for the new school year?

A group of five mom bloggers are offering you a great ebook bundle. Five books which will help you get ready for the fall. The sale ends on August 8th.

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  • Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule So You’ll Get More Done in Less Time by Christine at I Dream of Clean
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Post Conference Buzz

Hey all,

I’m recuperating from post ACFW conference buzz. (So I won’t be writing a Word Wedesday post this week!) This was the first time I attended the ACFW conference and it was awesome! The fellowship, the worship, the prayer room (that place is awesome!), my great roommates Taris Faris and Dawn Crandall, the great classes and the opportunity to forge ahead in your dreams makes the ACFW conference top notch.

I even got a prize for pitching while pregnant! (LOL) I won nine books. I didn’t bring a big enough suitcase so I had them sent to my house. (Between that and the books I blog about, I have lots of reading to do!)

Another thing I didn’t bring: a camera :-( I kept telling myself to bring the camera but I haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll have to remember to bring one next time.

Something I did bring back from the conference: a re-energized focus and courage in my unique writing journey. It takes courage to live a creative life. It takes courage to put your heart on the page, or in a song, or in a painting. I believe God infused me with not only courage but the confidence to tell the stories He’s created me to tell.  

It’s so amazing to be around 700 other creative people like you! Makes me feel less like a loner in this writing thing. I loved listening to other writer’s story ideas and see them also take steps of faith towards their dreams.

I have to give a shout out to my hubby! He watched our 17 month old son for five days…alone…while I was at ACFW. He’s my rock and the one who gives me gobs of wise advice in all aspects of life. (Thanks hubby!)

One of the things I feel led to do at The Literary Mama is promote other writers. After going to the conference, God has placed it on my heart to pray for other writers as well. So whenever someone comes to mind during my prayer time, I’ll often write out a prayer for them.

If you are in need of prayer, feel free to email me write(at)preslaysa(dot)com

Till next time!