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Mind Scrubs is a must read for any mom that feels over-worked and, at times, inadequate to do the job that God called them to do.  Mind Scrubs helped me to renew my spirit and encourage me in that fact that I am uniquely equipped for the task assigned to me.  Thank you Preslaysa for your practical steps and spiritual insights.  -Shawnda, a mom
Mind Scrubs for Moms:
Discovering Peace In Your Calling

 Moms, do you ever feel insignificant in your role? Weary?

Does motherhood feel more like drudgery than joy?

I’ve been there. But I knew that God had promised in Psalm 113:9 that I would be a joyful mother of children. Yet my reality stood in stark contrast to His Word.

It wasn’t until I underwent an overhaul regarding my thoughts on motherhood that I experienced change, lasting change – and peace.

Mind Scrubs for Moms walks you through a process which will enable you to refresh your outlook on motherhood. You’ll learn five key steps to undergoing a mind scrub:

  • Re-feeling: Learn how your subconscious ideas towards motherhood have colored your emotional outlook.
  • Re-thinking: Not all of your thoughts belong to you. How to identify the source of mental clutter and replace it with truth.
  • Re-speaking: Our words are the seeds of tomorrow’s circumstances. Learn how to regulate your tongue to purpose into your calling as a mother and into the lives of your family. 
  • Re-visioning: Create a mission statement for motherhood…and stick to it.
  • Re-acting: Rid yourself of mommy guilt. Learn simple ways to mother simply.

Mind Scrubs for Moms will help you find the joy God promised mothers – because you deserve it. 


Get it via PDF (instant digital download) for $4.99

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